Caring for more than 25 years.

We are pleased to provide this letter of recommendation to Gardens of Eden. We wanted to let you knowthat our property has never looked better. What an amazing job your crew does on a weekly basis. Veryprofessional, hardworking and they show great pride in their work.Gardens of eden has been working on our site since 2008. Our property consists of 3 1/2 acres with many trees and walkways. The weekly maintenance of the property includes maintaining lawns, edging and ground cover,weed removal, pruning back any shrubs overhanging curbs or sidewalks and checking plants for signs ofdisease. Adding new soil to beds as required. Sweeping or blowing clean all walkways and driveways.Removal of all clippings and debris.They also take care of our indoor plants and seasonal pots on our patio and main entrances.

Gardens of Eden provides snow removal during the winter months.

Murray Cowen

Maintenance Manager

we do it ALLLLL.

Commercial, Strata and Residential .

Lawn maintenance, Watering trees in summer, Trimming, Fall cleanup and much more


STUCK in snow with awesome pet ?

We can help you with snow removal and salt it afterwards so you can go on a walk with your favourite buddy.

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